Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans

When it's time to finance that perfect dream home think of us first, so you can work with local people who have the ability to close the deal. We will help you through the process of home purchases, construction loans and refinances all while providing you with our trademark service. Your convenience is important to us and we are always available to keep you updated on the status of your loan.

Mortgage Real Estate loans are made to finance property- land- and improvements - buildings for individuals and businesses. These types of loans are made on all different types of terms and programs. We make loans to purchase homes, businesses, apartments and mobile homes with land. We make construction loans to build a new house or improvement loans to fix up the old house. We also make Home Equity Loans - contact us today for more information.

Registered Mortgage Loan Originators
Michelle Beauchamp, Lufkin 506944
Melissa F Cook, Lufkin 1175864
Molina Courtney, Huntington 646420
Alina Gonzalez, Lowery Bank 1249888
Meagan Leclaire, Lufkin 506946
Lauren Marshall Cox, Lufkin 1073886
Martha Laura Olivares Tellez, Lufkin 506940
Leslie Smith, Lowery Bank 965163
Melissa P Taack, Nacogdoches 701155
Amber Cortines, Lufkin 1364524
Linda K Lynn, Lufkin 700894

Huntington State Bank, Bank of Tyler, and Lowery Bank follow the standards for registration established by the Safe and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008.

The above listed employees have been registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing system and Registry.

Information call 1-888-890-6080

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